IAS Foundation Course (14 Months)

These are pathways programmes designed for fresh aspirants of the Civil Services Exam. These preparation courses aim at laying the right foundation and guiding aspirants to understand the demand of the UPSC exam.

PCS Foundation Course (14 Months)

The course aims to spot the areas of strength as well as weakness of students at early stages of their preparation. The course enables aspirants to work on their shortcomings and enhance their skills so that they could emerge as sterling achiever.

IAS and PCS Mains (4 Months)

These are assessment programmes which focus on the upcoming examination only. They aim to cover only such themes on which questions may actually be asked in the exam. Targeted courses will benefit aspirants improve their scores manifold. This is an intensive study program that helps aspirants understand the real demand of paper, revise all important themes for the upcoming exam and form individual strategies to tackle time, pressure, attemptability and accuracy.

Optional Subjects

The course provides option for candidate to choose and study any one optional subject for Main Examination. Bhoomi IAS offers such optional subjects which have maximum syllabus overlap/connection and strategic relevance with the compulsory papers of General Studies. Syllabus for these subjects is precisely designed to help candidate even without a prior background in the subject with detailed analytical study for scoring maximum marks. Highest performing subject overlaps with General studies are: History, Geography, Public Administration, Polity and Hindi Literature.

Test Series (Prelims & Mains)

 The Test Series are comprehensive and intensive programs that help students prepare in stages for the exam. Each stage gives candidates the chance to improve over the previous one and measure their progress. Each stage, if treated as a revision cycle, will gradually raise the preparation level of the candidates, giving them multiple revisions of the entire syllabus as it comes with detailed analysis and performance report. These precisely curated test series eventually helps aspirants to improve their performance and acquaint with the exam pattern and testing interface.

Interview Guidance

The focus of our interview panel is exactly what the Guidelines of Civil Services defined it as. The programme majorly focuses on novel ways of presentation, communication, body language, emotional stability, sense of empathy and answering mechanism. The interview panel, besides checking and updating candidates on their knowledge of day to day affairs of national and international importance, will specifically also check for qualities such as – balance of judgment, clear and logical exposition, intellectual and moral integrity, mental alertness and ability for social cohesion and leadership.