Our Faculty at Bhoomi IAS is composed of experienced educators, competent administrators, and dedicated researchers. In fact, the essence of the functioning of the Bhoomi IAS is the fraternal atmosphere it provides, in which the students are groomed by a committed, imaginative and gifted core faculty. Here, every student experiences creative excitement along with the thrill of adding to his store of knowledge. We treat each member as a personality and not just a student. We approach our task like that of growing flowers; with all the will and skill required for performing such a delicate task.
B.M Singh 
Designation- Founder
Expertise- Visionary, Renowned Educationist

It is said that the strength of a team comes from its leader. Mr. B.M. Singh, who heads the team of Bhoomi IAS, thrives in multi-tasking and conducting classes, managing the grind of scheduling and executing the programs run by the institute. A man with excellent people skills, he performs the onerous tasks of keeping the flock together and identifying the resource worthiness of the people. Being a reputed member of educational fraternity throughout India, he spends most of his time in reading and preparing notes to the students. He is always student friendly and enriched his teaching skills through special training.
Program Director and faculty of 
Ethics, Polity & Governance 

An alumnus of Delhi & Allahabad University, Mr. ABHAY KUMAR has rich experience of Teaching Civil Service Aspirants and has been teaching at prominent institutions in Delhi and Allahabad. Mr. ABHAY KUMAR Kaushal has several research papers and books to his credit. His unique style of teaching, in-depth knowledge, and amiable personality have made him very popular among aspirants. His classes are so full of illustrations and citations that students cherish every single minute of it and thereby get a firm grip of the concepts. His Proven experience 3 Major Public Services Departments, helps him to convey the nuances of the subject to the students.
Expertise-Science & Tech
Expertise-Geography, Ecology & Environment 
Indian and world geography  
Dr. Harish Kumar Singh
Designation-Associate Professor (History),
Expertise-Keynote Speaker, Author

Dr. Known for blending his in-depth conceptual understanding with lucid class delivery, Mr. Harish Kumar Singh is one of the faculty whose classes are effective. Proficient in his ability to breakdown complex topics and explaining them to the students in a simplified manner, Mr. Singh sure has carved a name for himself in the Civil Services coaching sphere. One cannot but feel amazed at the enthusiasm that he brings to the students who attend his classes on History. Mr.Singh has a teaching experience of more than a decade.  His passion for teaching combined with extensive knowledge in Civil Service Examination makes classes lively and exam oriented.