It is the quality of teachers that determines the quality of students, guided by this thought the academy has an envious panel of faculty member which includes professors, researchers, fellows, retired officers and many other dynamic individuals with illustrious achievements. The vast experience, in depth knowledge of the content and grasp on the UPSC parameters combined with the ability to customize the teaching methodology as per individual needs, makes our faculty the most sought after in the field.


At Bhoomi IAS, it all begins at our classrooms which are the centres of complete learning experience. Since IAS preparation involves long term dedication and perseverance so it becomes imperative that students stay motivated and focused while undergoing rigorous preparation. Our faculties toil to keep the students motivated and focused. Every class has limited strength to ensure effective teaching and learning. To maintain the quality of classroom teaching, regular feedbacks are taken from the students and suggestions are encouraged.


At Bhoomi IAS, the focus is on participatory and interactive learning. Therefore, care is taken to create an atmosphere that is conducive to an all inclusive education. The academy, through the gamut of planned activities spread throughout the year strives to create thriving and sustainable learning environment. Each activity included in the planner has a specific role and objective. Apart from building self confidence, evolving self esteem, developing team spirit and providing hands on experience of organizing events independently, the in-house activities are also instrumental to break away the monotony that the preparation period might entail.


Academy organizes scores of seminars in order to supplement a student’s class-room learning in a significant way. It has been a common observation that even a student with sound academic background and above-average intelligence fail in this examination despite his best  This exam requires one to prepare not only his subjects and course but also himself. This requires a practical attunement of one's personality to the demands and requirements of this exam. The seminars address these areas and focus on enabling the participants to develop abilities to face the problems and come up with solutions rather than running away from them.


The motto of Bhoomi IAS inspires to believe that true knowledge should liberate the learner of his ignorance and bondage. So, the academy let good ideas and words of wisdom enter the existing realm of knowledge from all directions. In order to widen the scope of knowledge and broaden the horizons of its students, the Academy arranges guest lectures by senior bureaucrats, successful students, eminent scholars and behavioral experts. Such exercises help the students acquire alternative perspectives and possibilities.


A Fully Facilitated 24x7 Functional library is quintessential in students' preparation for the civil services exam. Bhoomi IAS Academy realized this need right in the beginning. Right from its inception, the Academy has maintained library-cum-reading-room to facilitate longer and efficient self-study hours for its students. The library consists of good number of reference books, text books, journals, periodicals, magazines and all major national dailies - in English and Hindi. The library is placed under experienced and cooperative librarian. Students use the reading room for their self study, which further boosts up their preparation.